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“It’s the well-behaved children that make the most formidable revolutionaries. They don’t say a word. They don’t hide under the table. They eat only one piece of chocolate at a time. But later on, they make society pay dearly.” – Jean-Paul Sartre


Come feed into the minds of our future

It is our responsibility to teach our children to care for themselves and others. The advertised products and services are all designed, priced, produced, and updated by a homeschooling family of 7. Join us in raising the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We Deliver

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What our clients are Saying

T. Sevlie

“Impressed doesn’t begin to describe the results provided. All items were delivered below budget and before they were expected. I recommend Marvel Design to everyone that will listen.

M. Peters

“I never knew I could appreciate art so much. Marvel Design has honestly changed my life”